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Dalila Beauty Cup 2020


The championship will take place 6-7.11.2020 at

Kipsala in Riga, Latvia

This year’s hottest beauty industry event in Dalila Beauty Cup 2020 is coming soon!

The International Association of Eyelash and Eyebrow Masters, in cooperation with Dalila Beauty Proffesional School, organizes the largest eyelash extension and eyebrow championship in the European and Baltic countries.

The conference is organized by an international judge in eyelash and eyebrow categories, owning an eyelash extension studio (Dalila Lashes) and a proffesional school (Dalila Beauty School), and co-owner and owner of the store (Dalila Beauty Shop) and her brand (Dalashes Cosmetic). Irina Ronite, Member of the Board of the International Association of Eyelashes and Eyebrows.

This year we will have the following nominations:

  1. Volume 2-3D
  2. Volume 4D+
  3. Classic Eyelash extension
  4. Brow design
  5. Lash lift

The nomination categories are divided into:

1. Junior (till 1,5 years)
2. Master (1,5-4 years)
3. Expert (4+ years)
4. Trainer (all trainers)

Price for 1 nomination:

1 nomination 75 Euros

Our championship will judge the most recognized coaches, masters and judges in the world.

Each participant of the championship will receive a participant’s certificate, gifts from sponsors, special gifts and of course the judge’s sympathy as well we will have GRAND PRIX prize – Free Judge course !

All participants in at least 3 nominations qualify for GRAND PRIX.


How to apply?

Send info to


Dalila Beauty Championship Schedule 6-7.11.2020

NominationRegistrationLash checkStartFinishJudging
First day 6.11.2020
Volume 4D+ (3,5h)9:00-9:409:40-9:5510:0013:3013:30-15:00
Brows (1h)13:00-13:4013:40-13:5514:0015:0015:00-16:30
Lash lift (1,5h)14:30-15:1015:10-15:2515:3017:0017:00-18:30
Second day 7.11.2020
Volume 2-3D (2,5h)8:00-8:458:45-8:559:0011:3011:30-13:00
Classic eyelash extensions (2h)11:00-11:4011:40-11:5512:0014:0014:00-15:30
Performance (1,5h)13:00-14:4014:40-14:5515:0016:3016:30-17:00

All participants who take part in at least 3 nominations are included in the main award – GRAND PRIX!! 

Award ceremony 7.11 17:00


1) Olga Terracciano  (Italy)
2) Victoria Markeliya- Chetskaya (Estonia)
3) Tatyana Polovinkina (Belgium)
4) Līva Poriete (Latvia)
5) Malgorzata Dolinska (France)
6) Galina Vigupe

7) Nata Egle (Latvia)

8) Evgenia Faber (Germany)

9) Alla Ledenova (Latvia)

10) Alina Voronkova (Latvia)

11) Kristīna Notte (Latvia)