Performance time is 1.30h

  • Participants perform eyelash lamination on both eyes in the area of the Championship
  • Eyelash coloring and bending outside the Championship is forbidden
  • Brand of the materials the contestants choose at their own discretion

Requirements for natural model’s lashes:

  • Model’s eyelashes must be at least 8 mm long
  • Lack of natural lashes bending
  • Model should have a thick natural eyelashes

Contestants are not allowed to the competition in the following cases:

  • Being late to the beginning of the competition
  • Violation of sanitary requirements

Dear participants, if the natural model’s eyelashes does not correspond to the contest requirements and rules, the extras during Lash check will be penalized.

The participant receives a penalty of 10 points in the following cases:

  • Incorrect master’s or model’s behavior in the competition area, including talking over the mobile phone, listening to music with headphones or without.
  • Starting before the official start signal or continuing performing after the final signal of the competition.
  • Independent leaving of the master or the model of the competition area without the permission of the host.

Contestant will be disqualified in the following cases:

  • The discovery of eyelash extensions or decorated eyelashes and beams (depending on category).
  • Usage of forbidden materials and instruments (mentioned in the rules).

Attention! In case of violation of the competition rules, the registration fees will not be returned.


Evaluation criteria for the natural lash lamination:

Criteria Criteria description Max. points
1. Bend Depending on the volume of eyelashes. It is necessary to choose the optimal size and bend of the silicone eyelash curler. 10 points
2. Smoothness of bend Along the entire length of natural eyelashes, there should be a smooth bend without creases and deformation.
10 points
3. Percentage of curled lashes 100% of natural eyelashes should have a bend after the procedure. If any lashes don’t curl, points should decrease.
5 points
4. Direction The principle of parallelism should be followed All lashes should be curled straight; lashes must not cross over making “X” letter effect.

When lamination is finished eyelashes can look straight (upwards) or sideways (towards temples) depending on eye shape.

10 points
5. Root zone lifting angle After the procedure, eyelashes should be well lifted in the root zone. Lashes must not sag or be bent upwards too much.
10 points
6. Quality of work of the inner corner (right eye) The presence of curl in the inner and outer corners is assessed. The absence of a curl gives the participant 0 points. Also in this criterion the direction of natural eyelashes is assessed. 5 points
7. Quality of work of the outer corner (right eye) 5 points
8. Quality of work of the inner corner (left eye) 5 points
9. Quality of work of the outer corner (left eye) 5 points
10. Eyelash position Each lash should look straight and be separated. Lashes shouldn’t be clumped or stuck together.
10 points
11. Tinting evenness Eyelashes should be evenly tinted along the entire length including the roots and tips. 5 points
12. Cleanness of tinting There should be no tint on the skin (It is forbidden to color the skin) or pieces of glue left on the eyelashes. 10 points
Penalty Penalty description Max points
1. Eye redness If the redness of the eyes persists after the procedure penalty points should be added. -5 points