Classic eyelash extension 2 days of “Experess”

Classic eyelash extension
2 days of “Experess” - 16 hours
– 1 artificial lashing is grown on one natural lashes.

1 day theory, work on a   and practice on one model at the second day.

There is a possibility for raising quality by improving and strengthening your knowledge.

Included in:

  • school notebook, pen
  • 1 day practice on 1 model
  • Activities in a group or individual
  • individual approach for each student
  • materials are provided for a course period
  • licensed international certificate in English – Latvian Licence No.DIKS-17-429-ail
  • after finishing the course, you can purchase a discount starter kit with discount
  • personal job planner after finishing the course – Lashmaker
  • after finishing a course for an individual lesson with a teacher or in group
  • nice discounts for attending next courses
  • discount for purchasing products by course in our shop Dalila Beauty Shop
  • for the best and hardest students, job opportunities in our studio Dalila Lashes
  • delicious coffee and tea breaks throughout the course
  • delicious lunch on the first day of training

Description of the main topics:

  • history of lashing
  • materials and instruments necessary for lashing;
  • sterilisation, disinfection, hygiene;
  • contraindications of the procedure;
  • workplace arrangements;
  • types of lashing;
  • modelling and adjustment of the eye shape;
  • facial morphology
  • differences in the length, thickness and curvature of lashes;
  • preparing the client for the procedure: demaking, degreasing,delimiting the lower eyelid;
  • skill in handling tweezers and eyelashes;
  • psychology, correct access to each customer;
  • price formation
  • customer psychotics