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  • 01. When going out, windproof and warm to protect the baby's small head. When it's warm to sleep, you can also make small pillows or air conditioners for your baby!

  • 02. Cute cartoon print design: The story of a cartoon cute fairy tale prince princess, with a strong fairy tale atmosphere, give your baby unlimited reverie...

  • 03. As warm as mother's arms: Newborn baby lacks a sense of security, warmly wraps the baby, comfortable fabrics, such as lying in the arms of mother, warmth, peace of mind, happiness...

  • 04. Quality workmanship lining, color-changing cotton fabric, fine workmanship, showing quality.

  • 05. The use of long-staple cotton, soft and warm like white clouds, fresh breath naturally without irritation to the skin, giving good skin care is irresistible.

  • LGYKMU Newborn Cotton Is Embraced by The Baby in Spring And Autumn And Winter Thickened Quilt Baby Outdoor And Bedding light pink 90 * 90CM