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  • Before using it for the first time, soak the nipple in hot water for 10 minutes. Before breastfeeding, wipe your breasts and fingers with a damp cotton cloth. After each use, clean the liner and store it upside down to keep it clean.

  • No choking, no air suction, only suction milk, easy anti-colic design, cross nipple milk flow spiral design, with padded small milk storage design, easy to drink milk without drowning milk

  • Fully fitted spherical design, more powerful vacuum adsorption, double adjustment design, inner ring to improve the adsorption force, the outer ring petals can be applied to various breast-shaped breasts

  • Resistant to pulling and biting, the baby is not afraid of teething and supports pulling and biting, even if the baby has teeth, it can easily sustain the strength of the baby during the molar period.

  • Safe and reliable food grade soft silica gel to facilitate easy and scientific feeding, baby can bite at ease, good toughness, odorless, high temperature resistant, bite resistant, BPA free, easy to clean, protect to the mother breastfeeding parents, improve the nipple design stable absorption anti-bite, easy weaning and smooth fit Strictly selected materials

  • Nipple Shields Protector Full Silicone Breastfeeding aid Anti-bite Breast Nipple Protector Extension-Resistant Protection Nipple bite-Resistant Breast Shields with Sterilisable Travel CasePack of 2